Play outside
A project should be planned to be held outside, taking into account the winter setting. You should plan clothes and materials accordingly. It certainly is a challenge, but accomplishing things in this harsh environment is part of what makes it special.
Complain about the cold
Make sure to bring enough clothes and to wear appropriate clothing for the climate. Be prepared to spend the day and night outdoors.
Rely on yourself
A well planned project should take into account all of the necessary aspects, such as: equipment, tools, helping hands and transportation, to name a few.
Take for granted
Does your project needs lighting? Don’t let yourself down, bring lights and extensions.
Be eco-friendly
Please use reusable materials and think of a way to take care of your own trash. Bring back what you bring in.
Use disposable equipment
Please limit waste to the maximum. Let’s be proud to leave the place cleaner than when we arrived.
You are welcome to contribute as much as you can. Your project is your gift to the other participants. For a bigger project, seek out more teammates to reduce the costs.
Make sales
Snow Burn is based on participating and sharing. Nothing will be bought or sold while on site. There should be no monetary transaction during the event.
Stay authentic
Create a project that reflects who you are.
Snow Burn is a creative playground. To ensure it stays that way, there is no promotion of product or services.


Everyone contributes in some way at Snow Burn. If however you don’t have a project idea yet, we can help you find the perfect idea or give you the option to help a crew with a project that needs an extra set of hands.
When buying your ticket, tell us in which way you plan on participating.